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Surmountable: How Citizens from Selma to Seoul Changed the World

A new book by Brian Gruber & Adam Monier Edwards
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Surmountable is the first book explicitly written for the millions of people who have taken part in demonstrations but were left wondering what they achieved, and the millions more who sat out the events because they questioned the potential for results. The book addresses these lingering doubts and offers a powerful response in the voices of front line activists, political thought leaders, and every day citizens.

Surmountable analyzes 10 domestic and 3 international social movements of the past century with more than 40 original interviews.

Some movements, like women’s suffrage that celebrated its 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment last year, were resounding successes. The impact of others is still up for debate. Within each chapter, exclusive, original interviews with notable figures and regular citizens from across the political landscape, often across the street from major landmarks, illuminate urgent untold stories. This unique approach ensures a broad view to better understand the past and inspire future leaders.

There are plenty of topics that warrant being vocal, which can be daunting for anyone who wants to speak up for a better tomorrow. Surmountable provides much-needed clarity through inspiring stories and concise insights to help turn our nation’s increasing level of awareness into action.

About the Authors

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The paperback was released February 9, 2021. An eBook is also available. Order now on Amazon and other retailers.