A playbook for how citizen movements prevailed from Suffrage to Selma to Seoul

Most Americans are disillusioned with their ability to influence their government. Yet citizens have overcome insurmountable odds before from women’s suffrage to civil rights. Adam Edwards, executive producer, and Brian Gruber, three-time author, are teaming up to write a book to show how people can get results in modern society.

Americans may know the outcomes and some of the key figures from history. However, the all-important stories of how progress was achieved remains obscured to most. Adam and Brian are joining forces to shed light on these forgotten details, but we need your help to fund an ambitious travel itinerary so that we can discover the untold stories of how ordinary Americans moved mountains. From there, we hope to secure a press tour, launch party, and ultimately a conference to help the leaders of tomorrow organize. Help us change the world, or at least the discussion.

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