Adam Monier Edwards

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Adam was born only a few blocks from the Whiskey Rebellion Education & Visitor Center in southwestern Pennsylvania and has become increasingly interested in the rights — and success rate — of protestors as he saw more and more demonstrations take shape during his 18 years living in New York. As a long-time champion of underdogs from across industry, technology, and culture, he could no longer sit still while his fellow citizens were being ignored.

His new startup, Surmountable, PBC, builds on insights from the Surmountable book he co-authored and published in 2021 as well as the panel he moderated for C-SPAN 2 Book TV which were explorations of 13 key social movements from the past century. He is now applying his two decades of experience in corporate consulting to the stagnant analysis of civic engagement as founder and CEO to help turn social awareness into action through a new technology platform that can lead to meaningful change on numerous issues.

Before building a framework to inspire activists, Adam helped turn the similarly underrepresented field of search engine optimization (SEO) into a profitable venture for both his clients and employers. He was named the first ever global head for the discipline at any agency holding company in 2019 where he led over 250 practitioners and grew the department’s worldwide revenue for two years straight even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This role was the culmination of a journey punctuated by winning Best Large SEO Agency at the 2019 U.S. Search Awards and Best SEO Campaign at the 2019 OMMA Awards after rebuilding the company’s U.S. department from the ground up with just one other colleague in 2012. He spoke at events ranging from VOICE Summit to Onward to SMX Advanced, presented the keynote at the IAB Forum 2019 in Montevideo, Uruguay, and judged entries for the inaugural 2020 Global Marketing Awards.

He started his career in the ashes of the fabled Commodore Amiga by helping one of its only software companies that survived a successful transition to Windows. He learned first-hand at Scala that the best engineered products rarely succeed without commercial support and therefore adapted his talents from webmaster to production to sales and marketing.

Over the past 15 years, Adam has also supported the most visible but least understood participants in the race to achieve the American dream: first-generation immigrants. He currently serves as Communications Committee Chair for Upwardly Global, where the events he organized during his previous board tenure generated the non-profit’s first ever press coverage in the New York Times and New York Daily News for immigrant and refugee job placement assistance. In addition, Adam signed on as an executive producer of Refugee (2018), a full-length documentary hailed as “an extraordinary film … incredibly moving” by BBC World News, in an effort to better communicate the nearly insurmountable challenges that asylum seekers face to provide a better life for their families.