The Idea

The Surmountable project was born in pursuit of the answer to a simple question: What works?

Our Mission

Throughout our history, Americans have encountered seemingly insurmountable obstacles, then fiercely engage to move mountains on causes that mattered, on big ideas. Protest and citizen activism aren’t uniquely American, but they are uniquely part of our founding documents, our political DNA, our creation myth.

We have gathered stories from around the world and across the political spectrum to better understand how others defied the odds and won because citizens should not be content with their voices just being heard. We hope underrepresented communities will achieve the equity they have long been denied.

“Surmountable is required reading for any aspiring change agent who seeks to understand the sacrifices and contributions of past trailblazers and apply their lessons to solve our society’s greatest challenges.”

Jocelyn Benson, Michigan Secretary of State

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